About Track-A-Hunt Safaris

Track-A-Hunt Safaris was formed in 1987 and has offered hunting throughout the whole of Zimbabwe. Since 1993 we operated the CAMPFIRE area of Kanyati /Gache Gache which has now become our main base. Our many repeat clients bare testament to the personal service and great experiences had with the Ferreira’s.
The Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources – CAMPFIRE – affords our operation the chance to hunt within an area with co-operation between ourselves and the local community and Council. This joint venture program benefits the community and Council with much needed revenue while providing effective game management, education and tools for the preservation of the natural resources in their area.

Corris Ferreira is a 3rd generation Zimbabwean who was raised on a farm, which allowed hunting for himself and the family from a very young age. He is the main PH for the area and has been running the operation since 1992. Corris is passionate about the conservation of the natural resources within the area and has hunted with the highest ethics.

Sunset at Lake Kariba, seen from the camp